This comment is in response to to all the criticism of Rob Bell, Christian Universalism and what’s being called the “Emergent Church”.

Well, it appears that everything that can be shaken is being shaken including the Christian Religion. The debate is heating up between the  “heresy hunters” (legalistic, Fundamentalists) and the Jesus Followers (the Love God, Love your neighbor as yourself, forgive your enemy, Love never fails diciples of Christ).

Martin Luther shook things up for a while and it was called “The Reformation”. Well, “The Reformation” continues toward it’s completion and is now being called “The Emergent Church”. It’s coming down to this, you and I,  claiming to be Christian, believe in the God of Unconditional Love who is not willing that any should perish but ALL come to salvation or the angry God of Damnation who is gong to torture billions souls (created in His Image) forever, that is, all souls ever created, but a select few. Which side are you on boy – girl? Which doctrine sounds more like the doctrine of demons and devils? This should be a “no brainer”!

What many Christians don’t realize is this: Universalism was The Prevailing Doctrine Of The Christian Church During Its First Five Hundred Years until the Catholic Church hijacked the true Gospel and turned it into the Gospel of Damnation.
See: Historical Documentation

Universalism does not teach there are no consequences for sining, (missing the mark of Love) as so many “heresy hunters” claim..The consequences (judgements) are all remedial and corrective in purpose. We do reap what we sow.  “Your Sins will correct you”. There is no “Fundamentalist fire insurance”. We will all pass through the Fires of Purification on the Way of Transformation. It’s all about metamorphosis into the great, mighty and powerful, spiritual beings that we were created to be. Today is the first day of the rest of our eternal lives and all creation is groaning and travailing awaiting the manifestation of The Sons and Daughters Of God.

The very “heresy hunters” that busy themselves looking for and judging, the alleged heretics, are in fact,  the real heretics and “spiritual terrorists,  you will know them by their fruits. They are of the same spirit of the Inquisitioners, the witch hunters, the burning at the stake terrorists. Judge em and burn em now, with God on our side, is their M.O. They just can’t get away with their murderous intentions now, due to the Civil Law penalties against torture and murder.

It appears that Fundamentalist Protestant and Catholic Christianity is being used by the the Illuminati to keep us divided from each other and using Fudamentalist Islam to due the torturing and murdering.

But all their plans will fail because God’s Unconditional Love Wins and None Are Left Behind thanks to Jesus drawing ALL men unto himself.