As it turns out,  Einstein is  correct about Imagination being more important than knowledge.  I Imagine that. It’s ortimees to go beyond Religion and dive into your own Divine Imagination.” Snap out of the trance” of “normal” arronrocitittd Religion  As Bruce Cockburn says, “The trouble with normal is, it always gets worse”.  Normal is what we all have  programed to be but normal is only a mask we ware to hide our abnormalities.  i’ve noticed that all my friends aeathre “abnormal”, that is, they all have unusual mental constructs. What does that say of me? “Birds of a feather flock together” / law of attraction.

Religi ous programing and differences have led to more atrocities ,horror, torture and death than any other human concept. It’s time for Religion to come to end  dand for “Compassionate Caretaking”  to replace Religion with a “one for All and an All for one” prime operative. We are genetically designed to be Caretakers of all life forms in all dimensions at all times. We must change our Imaginations in order to change out lives and the world.

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