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As I said in my last post, Spiritual Terrorism and abuse from fear based religion is the number one “viral toxin” poisoning our mind, body and soul. In addition, we are being terrorized 24/7  by the news, reporting on all the murder,  mayhem, environmental pollution, natural & man made disasters, crime & political corruption, banking frauds,  Bilderbergers,  New World Order, Alien Invasion, Armageddon, Mark of The Beast, terrorist threats,  wars & rumors of wars, 2012 Mayan Calender  “end of the world prophesy”,  global warming, pandemic  & economic collapse, 1000’s of animal species suddenly dropping dead all over the planet, pole shift.

Not only the fear of what is happening  but the fear what we think might happen is terrorizing us. The world as we have known it,  is is forever gone  and people are getting worried, fearful,  scared, anxious and depressed all over the world. This condition is creating the epidemic of, what is being called, “SUPER STRESS” and  it’s collective as planetary human consciousness that magnifies the global stress consciousness and actually contributes to the manifestation of these negative possibilities.

What is it we are so afraid of ? It is DEATH and the Unknown. We are afraid of loosing  our familiarity zone of  attachments to our material form, friends, family, physical sensations because we have  a weak or non existent connection with Life in the next dimension, the dimension of the soul.

If  we are not connected to our true,  SOURCE/GOD/ UNIVERSAL VIBRATION, NOW, then we have no way of being Lovingly Corrected and Directed by THE  HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH,  which is accessible by everyone right NOW.

We’ve been intentionally distracted, dumbed down, misinformed, lied to and seduced to  engaged in selfish, trivial pursuits, war, drama and entertainment. The “fear of God” religions are the primary weapon used to keep us in line. The fear of God’s” eternal punishment”  for our “sins” or for not accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior before we die. We are taught to “submit” to authority without question,  because they know what’s best for us and besids, you will be punished by laws of man and God if you don’t.

It’s time for us to take control of our mind and set our mind’s Intention  on the things of the SPIRIT and not on the things of the world, to SEEK FIRST the KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and know that the Kingdom Of Heaven is within us as Jesus teaches. We must go within to find “the Peace that passes all understanding” and THE TRUTH THAT SETS US FREE.

There’s a revolution shift  of consciousness taking place.  A war has been launched on our consciousness for centuries and all  of us have been taken captive and held prisoners in our own minds by the trance we’ve been programed to accept, unaware of it’s occurrence. We are afraid to think freely for ourselves, ask questions,  seek answers, programed to trust and submit to those in authority. We must regain control of our minds  and  our God given energy, freedom and power. We are  Great, Mighty and Powerful Spiritual Beings with Dignity Direction and Purpose, not miserable sinners destined of hell.

We have all been misinformed and misdirected because we’ve been unaware of our connection to the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF GOD and the LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER . We have been programed to be  afraid of  God and afraid of one another and afraid of  “hell”. We must be transformed by the renewing of our minds. God has not given a spirit of fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) but of Love,  Confidence and A SOUND MIND (Grateful, Peaceful & Joyful). God’s Perfect Love casts out all fear. Connect to the LOVE.  GOD (the Great Organizing Designer) is LOVE.

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Freedom from Spiritual Terrorism and Abuse:

“Oh death where is your sting, Oh hell where is your victory? Death and Hell are swallowed up in Victory for ALL, thanks to Jesus Christ. None Left Behind. I’ll NEVER FAIL OR FORSAKE YOU, for I AM with you always even to the end of ages.

We need to connect NOW, receive correction NOW and be directed by THE HOLY SPIRIT NOW! Change your mind, change your life, change the world!


It’s been been  few weeks since I’ve written a blog but I’ve been doing research and I’ve concluded that the “Most Poisonous Toxin” that is the most detrimental to our health on Planet Earth,  is “fear based religion” and no religion at all.  FEAR BASED RELIGION is also called “Spiritual Terrorism”.  It terrorizes the mind,  the physical body and the soul,  as “stress”. According to the AMA stress is the cause of 95% of our health problems.

What is more stressful than an insecurity of not being “good enough” to meets the requirements of an “angry”, judgmental and vengeful God, who may torture forever.  This subconscious fear and insecurity perception is the underlying root cause of all our stress factors.  All “habitual stress” can be traced back to FEAR  (False Evidence Appearing Real).

The time has come for the end of False FEAR BASED RELIGION and the horrifying terror, torture, suffering, and mass murder it has produced, all in the name of God.

It’s time for LOVE BASED RELIGION to transform human consciousness, restore the soul, heal the body and bring PEACE to the mind and world.

Date: 06-26-10
Host: Ian Punnett
Guests: Dr. John Virapen, Peter Ward, John Robbins

From the Coast to Coast AM Radio Program

Ian Punnett was joined by former pharmaceutical executive Dr. John Virapen, who revealed the underhanded methods used by big pharma to get drugs approved and to rake in massive profits.

Speaking from his personal experience, Virapen recounted the chicanery he witnessed, and participated in, when he was an executive in Sweden with the drug company Eli Lilly. He explained that they wanted to introduce the drug Prozac to Sweden, because it is a “prestige country” and approval there would help spread the drug to other countries. Virapen alleged that he gave a $30,000 bribe, along with promises of future payoffs, to a Swedish official to expedite the approval process, which normally can take between one and nine years. However, when Eli Lilly balked at giving a 5 milligram sample of the drug to Swedish officials for testing, they denied the approval of Prozac and Virapen was subsequently fired for failing to get the drug approved.

Following his departure from Eli Lilly, Virapen hoped to work with other pharmaceutical companies but was dismayed to learn that his experience was not an isolated incident. He declared that the drug companies “don’t care, whatsoever, for people’s health” and are only focused on making money for their shareholders. To bolster his argument, he cited the massive amounts of money that have allegedly gone towards drug research and claimed that, in the last 50 years, no medicine has truly been developed to cure any actual diseases. On where that money really goes, he theorized that it gets funneled to politicians, universities, and insurance companies in order to consolidate more power for big pharma.

He lamented that the vast amount of money yielded by what he called the “pharmaceutical industrial complex” has resulted in the field being virtually impervious to true oversight. As an example of this power, Virapen cited the fines that have been levied against pharmaceutical companies for illegal marketing, a dangerous practice that can result in the death of misprescribed patients. According to him, the profits from the sale of those drugs far outweigh the imposed penalties. Therefore, the pharmaceutical companies will pay the fines so that then they can keep selling medicine, rather than take the battle to court and risk having the sale of the drug halted while the case is pending.

Take Charge Of Y0ur Health

Water. is “God’s Medicine”.

This is what I heard in my spirit one day a few years ago during meditation. Here’s why. I was reminded that 75% of my body mass is water and that makes water the 2nd most important nutrient necessary to sustain life in the physical body. The most important nutrient is the oxygen we breathe. We can live for weeks without food, only minutes without air/oxygen and only a few days without water.

It was one of those oh, dah or ah-ha, moments. It suddenly was so obvious, so logical and made so much sense. The Great Organizing Designer (GOD) has provided exactly the right water to sustain us.
Not soda pop, energy drinks, sports drinks, coffee, espresso and mochas, but WATER. That’s what we are made of, 75% WATER.

Now, my question was, how much water should I be drinking? Many of the natural health practitioners say about 8oz.  per 25lbs. of body weight per day or 64 ozs. a day, if you weigh 200 lbs. Opinions will vary on the exact amount but as you can see, most of us are not drinking nearly enough water. Many people drink no water at all.

My next question was, “How much water was I drinking?”I drank filtered or bottled water and had done so for years, knowing that tap water was contaminated with chlorine, trihalomethanes, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, radiation and on and on goes the list of toxic chemicals in our tap water  but I quickly realized that my water intake was far short of any recommended amount. I decided to increase my water intake.
I discovered that our inter-cellular fluid should be slightly alkaline, therefore I should be drinking  alkaline water. After testing the pH of the highly filtered and purified water I was buying drinking from a local source, I found I had been drinking 6.5 acid water. Nearly all bottled and filtered water is in the acidic range below 7.0 neutral pH and all the drinks listed above are acidic, colas being the worst at about 2.5 acidic.

It was time for me to get an Alkaline, Water Ionizer, since I didn’t live near a glacial stream (naturally alkaline,  ionized, energized  water) in a mountainous community. This the best Water on the planet but the closest to natural glacial water is Ionized Alkaline Water.

Drinking, filtered, alkaline, ionized water is the single most dynamic impact we can make on improving your physical health and it is the easiest and simplest change you can make.

Since I started drinking Alkaline Ionized Water I’ve lost 35lbs and have no more acid reflux. My wife lost 50 and her morning, arthritic stiffness and pain in her feet has gone, along with her occasional migraine headaches.

Gradually changing to a predominately nutritious, alkaline diet is certainly very beneficial but more challenging to accomplish and takes transition time.  You can simply start drinking  Alkaline.  Ionized, Energized,  Micro-Clustered  Water today and start flushing disease causing acids from your system and start experiencing the benefits  immediately.

Everyone needs alkaline water daily, as dehydration is the cause of or major contributor to, every degenerative health problem plaguing humanity today, according to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj MD in his book “The Body’s Many Cries For Water”.

Another good resource is “The pH Miracle” book by Dr. Robert O. Young and “The pH Miracle For Diabetes” and “The pH Miracle For Weight Loss”

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At H.O.P.E. we also have water filtration systems for home, travel, emergency preparedness and to replace the habit of buying, expensive bottled acidic water, reducing plastic bottle waste in our land fills, rivers and oceans. Our vision at H.O.P.E. is to contribute to the Healing of the People and the Planet in Mind Body and Soul.

By James DuBois aka Rev Jim