This is no doubt the most important blog message I’ve posted to date. This is because never before in our lifetime has the world and the earth been in such a critical position of real or imagined impending doom.
With the occurrence of real natural or man made disasters and coupled with the predicted disasters like Armageddon, mark of the beast, terrorist attacks, alien invasion, end of the world, the grid going down, Mayan Calendar ending Dec. 21, 2012, New World Order, global financial collapse, national economic collapse, world war 3, martial law,  earth changes etc., many people are preparing to survive and live through whatever happens, storing up water, food, gold, silver, guns, moving to “the safest place” etc…
Others are unprepared to survive and are in anxiety, fear and stress about what’s going on. Most are in “The Disinformation Trance Dance ” doing the daily “Gerbil Wheel Shuffle” in the Programed “Matrix” of Consciousness, “held together by Fear-Based Religion, “Weapons of Mass Distraction” and “Dumb-Down Entertainment”.

The unavoidable point is that no matter what scenario transpires, we will all face death, sooner or later!
So, the real issue is: “Are you prepared to die?”
The next issue is “What happens then?” Will it be Heaven or Hell or something else? Will life be over or will we live on. Is there anything to FEAR?
What happens when you’re dead? Non-existence or continued existence? A loving, joyful, peaceful existence or a tormented existence?
These are the most important questions to ask and if you do you will find the answers.
“Don’t ask me for answers, I’ve only got one, that man leaves his darkness when he follows the Son. ” Why don’t you ask Jesus to help you? Not the Jesus of  Roman Catholic Fundamentalist Religion, but the Spiritual Yeshua, the Greatest  Shaman of our present ime.
Nearly every spiritual teacher of our time quotes Jesus as an authority on LOVE, TRUTH and FORGIVENESS..

In conclusion,  if you and your  family want to survive an unexpected disaster the first thing to consider is, Do you have water? What will you do for a water supply?  You can only live for 5-7 days before dehydration, sickness and death occur.
Here is my suggestion for “Life Insurance” for you and your family.
Get one of these 29 oz  water filtration bottles, that will filter up to 100 gals. of fresh water from any source and remove 99.99% of all contaminants, including radiation.   Save your life, your money and the environment (plastic water bottle trash)