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New Math Proves LOVE Music is “Key” to Creation
Los Angeles, CA — LOVE, a vibration of energy at the heart of spirituality, has a frequency of 528 cycles-per second (Hertz), and is “key” to the music of creation, according to amazing new evidence revealed in The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LΦVE, by best-selling author, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.
The worlds of science and religion must now account for the mathematics, physics, and metaphysics of LOVE—the “Universal Healer”—that may resolve civilization’s greatest problems.

“That warm fuzzy feeling you have in your heart when you are in LOVE is a vibration that can be broadcast musically to bring you into harmony with God, nature, and others,” says Dr. Horowitz. “LOVE/528 holds the power to heal you and the world. It may even save us from going extinct.

” New understandings about LOVE, and 528Hz energy, herald a revolution in science, medicine, music, architecture, fashions, politics, the energy industry, and much more, says Dr. Horowitz who works with a team of
physicists, mathematicians, and musicians. Music is fundamentally math. After thousands of years of secrecy, the original Solfeggio musical scale was
decrypted in 1997 by Dr. Joseph Puleo, who asked Horowitz to author Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (1998; Tetrahedron Press), that became an American best-seller. Dr. Horowitz, a public health expert, noted
that the third note of the ancient Solfeggio scale, “MI”—the “Miracle” frequency of 528Hz—resonates at the heart of rainbows, which best explains why the botanical world is mostly greenish yellow. Chlorophyll vibrates
this “MIracle 6” frequency, as does the “heart chakra,” considered a vortex of LOVE by Buddhists and Oriental physicians.

The chemistry and energy of chlorophyll flows musically and mathematically patterned according to the universal constants Pi, Phi, and the Fibonacci series, all depending on 528Hz frequency, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LΦVE evidences. (Tetrahedron Publishing Group; 1-888-508-4787) In 2007, Dr. Horowitz decrypted Leonardo da Vinci’s famous “Vitruvian” drawing containing the “Real daVinci Code” that explains creation as a result of musical vibrations—nine frequencies that form “The Perfect Circle of Sound™.” Since then, this music has been confirmed by experts who contend this is the “vortex math” of cosmic creation.

The circular code explains universal design and the origin of the mathematical constants Pi, Phi, and the Fibonacci Series. All of this depends on pure LOVE/528Hz for existence. This is why Dr. Horowitz concludes that 528Hz, the ancient Solfeggio key for producing miracles, and the “key to the house of David” referenced in the Bible, is the basis for LOVE, spiritual sustenance, and world peace. End

James’ comment:

Jesus said it all when confronted by the religious leaders and lawyers as to which t is the greatest Commandment. He said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first great commandment and the second is like it. “You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.

Love Consciousness Vibration is the Master Key  that opens us to experiencing multiple,  higher,  Heavenly Dimensions.

However I suggest that Gratitude Vibration is the Frequency that opens us to Unconditional Love and that without Gratitude we will not be able to vibrate at Love Frequency. Let’s practice Gratitude and see what happens.



As I said in my last post, Spiritual Terrorism and abuse from fear based religion is the number one “viral toxin” poisoning our mind, body and soul. In addition, we are being terrorized 24/7  by the news, reporting on all the murder,  mayhem, environmental pollution, natural & man made disasters, crime & political corruption, banking frauds,  Bilderbergers,  New World Order, Alien Invasion, Armageddon, Mark of The Beast, terrorist threats,  wars & rumors of wars, 2012 Mayan Calender  “end of the world prophesy”,  global warming, pandemic  & economic collapse, 1000’s of animal species suddenly dropping dead all over the planet, pole shift.

Not only the fear of what is happening  but the fear what we think might happen is terrorizing us. The world as we have known it,  is is forever gone  and people are getting worried, fearful,  scared, anxious and depressed all over the world. This condition is creating the epidemic of, what is being called, “SUPER STRESS” and  it’s collective as planetary human consciousness that magnifies the global stress consciousness and actually contributes to the manifestation of these negative possibilities.

What is it we are so afraid of ? It is DEATH and the Unknown. We are afraid of loosing  our familiarity zone of  attachments to our material form, friends, family, physical sensations because we have  a weak or non existent connection with Life in the next dimension, the dimension of the soul.

If  we are not connected to our true,  SOURCE/GOD/ UNIVERSAL VIBRATION, NOW, then we have no way of being Lovingly Corrected and Directed by THE  HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH,  which is accessible by everyone right NOW.

We’ve been intentionally distracted, dumbed down, misinformed, lied to and seduced to  engaged in selfish, trivial pursuits, war, drama and entertainment. The “fear of God” religions are the primary weapon used to keep us in line. The fear of God’s” eternal punishment”  for our “sins” or for not accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior before we die. We are taught to “submit” to authority without question,  because they know what’s best for us and besids, you will be punished by laws of man and God if you don’t.

It’s time for us to take control of our mind and set our mind’s Intention  on the things of the SPIRIT and not on the things of the world, to SEEK FIRST the KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and know that the Kingdom Of Heaven is within us as Jesus teaches. We must go within to find “the Peace that passes all understanding” and THE TRUTH THAT SETS US FREE.

There’s a revolution shift  of consciousness taking place.  A war has been launched on our consciousness for centuries and all  of us have been taken captive and held prisoners in our own minds by the trance we’ve been programed to accept, unaware of it’s occurrence. We are afraid to think freely for ourselves, ask questions,  seek answers, programed to trust and submit to those in authority. We must regain control of our minds  and  our God given energy, freedom and power. We are  Great, Mighty and Powerful Spiritual Beings with Dignity Direction and Purpose, not miserable sinners destined of hell.

We have all been misinformed and misdirected because we’ve been unaware of our connection to the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF GOD and the LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER . We have been programed to be  afraid of  God and afraid of one another and afraid of  “hell”. We must be transformed by the renewing of our minds. God has not given a spirit of fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) but of Love,  Confidence and A SOUND MIND (Grateful, Peaceful & Joyful). God’s Perfect Love casts out all fear. Connect to the LOVE.  GOD (the Great Organizing Designer) is LOVE.

For more info. and help in renewing your mind:

Freedom from Spiritual Terrorism and Abuse:

“Oh death where is your sting, Oh hell where is your victory? Death and Hell are swallowed up in Victory for ALL, thanks to Jesus Christ. None Left Behind. I’ll NEVER FAIL OR FORSAKE YOU, for I AM with you always even to the end of ages.

We need to connect NOW, receive correction NOW and be directed by THE HOLY SPIRIT NOW! Change your mind, change your life, change the world!