Clinical studies continue to show prayer heals. Dr. Larry Dossey revealed the results of a second phase study at Duke University on the power of prayer.

The MANTRA project at Duke is headed up by cardiologist Dr. Mitchell Krucoff and nurse practitioner, Susan Craven. The results show that heart patients who receive prayer have 50 percent to 100 percent fewer side effects than those patients not prayed for.

If patients agreed to be part of the study they were randomized and the “prayer” patients’ names went to prayer groups around the world. First names only were sent via e-mail to Buddhist groups in Nepal, Hindus in India and Jewish groups in Jerusalem. Catholic nuns, Unity Village Missouri and Protestants in North Carolina also participated.

The full report on the study will be published in an upcoming issue of the American Journal of Cardiology, according to Dossey. It will be the first time a heart journal has published a study on the effects of “distance” prayer.

Dossey also noted hundreds of other studies on the power of prayer that, until now, have been mostly ignored by the allopathic, or traditional medical community. However based on the Duke study Dossey concluded, “There’s no going back. This is a huge transition in medicine. Medicine will not be able to retreat from the impact.”

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Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

There appears to be no question that prayer works. We have many studies now that document that. The science is very solid in excellent peer-reviewed publications. The science is so solid, that it is criminally negligent for physicians not to recommend it.

And talk about cost-effective; there is no cost to prayer, except for a little time. It makes no logical sense to me why someone would not utilize this resource. A simple powerful application of prayer is journaling which articles have showed to be useful in treating chronic illness.

For those who are interested in further reading on the subject of prayer and health, I have read and can recommend Dr. Larry Dossey’s excellent reviews of the subject. “Must Reads” for those interested in this area.

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